How Much is Pewter Worth?


The worth of pewter depends on the kind of piece you have that contains pewter and the time period from which it came. The price can range from $220-63,800. You can find more info at:
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To figure out how much pewter is worth, find a certified antique dealer in your area.
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As usual, it depends on the condition, the collector and the availability of the bottle. On the Jim Beam Club Web site, you can see decanters from the $40 range, such as the Oil Quart
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It depends on the age, condition, and style of pewter you are referring to. Appraising pewter can be complicated so I would suggest that you take it to an antique dealer.
It depends on the age, value, and type of pewter you are referring to. I would suggest taking the pewter to an antique dealer to be appraised. They have more experience with items like this.
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