How Much Is Platinum Worth Per Ounce?


The value of platinum changes frequently similar to gold but the current value of an ounce of platinum is approximately ?927.210 in UK. Platinum is used for electronics, jewellery, dental wear, hard drives and catalytic converters.
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An ounce of platinum is worth $1600 USD as of Jan 2010.
The price of gold and other precious metals changes by the minute. The price as of March 16, 2011 was is $1,401.50 per ounce. For the current price see related link.
Current spot prices as of October 24, 2011 are $1,653.30/ounce for gold, $31.74/ounce for silver and $1,545/ounce for platinum. Gold has traded for as high as $1,900.30 per ounce;
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