How Much Is Postage to Australia?


To post a letter to Australia you will have to pay according to the weight of your letter. It costs £0.76 for a letter less than 10 grams and £8.20 for a letter not above 281 grams but not exceeding 300 grams. You will be charged extra for the subsequent additional weight.
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There are different prices for different letters and parcels, so the best action to take is to take your letter/parcel to your local post office where they will weigh it so as to get your correct postage price. Or just visit the official site for royal mail, which is-
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for a standard letter.98 cents.
A 98-cent stamp is the standard rate for small letters and postcards (up to 1 oz.) heading out of the US, including Australia. Unless you meant a greeting card the size of a letter
A Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope to
if you live in a city of Australia hopefully 5 to 7 days but if you live in a country area it will take longer. also who really knows when the seller posted it. but this is pot luck
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The postage rate for a standard item of mail within Australia was 43 cents in 1991. ...
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