How Much is Sales Tax in Las Vegas?


The sales tax in Las Vegas for all goods 8.1%. Hotels have sales tax rates between 12% and 13%, depending on where they are located. If you are traveling to Las Vegas, don't forget to allow for tipping in your budget. You can find more information here:
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Clark County, Las Vegas assesses a 7.750% sales and use tax, exempting food for's-the-sales-ta...
Las Vegas, NV's sales tax is 8.1%.
Since everyone else that answered is wrong, here is the correct answer: 8.1% it was 7.75% but it changed in 7/2009.too bad people aren't paying attention to what they are getting
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Las Vegas is located in Clark County in the state of Nevada and it is a popular destination for tourists. The sales tax in Las Vegas is 8.10% and it exempts food consumption at home and prescriptive medical items. Overall Las Vegas offers attractive tax incentives. You can find more information here:
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