How much is the sales tax in New Jersey?


As of March 2012, the statewide sales tax in New Jersey is 7 percent. This tax is known officially as the Sales and Use Tax. It applies to most sales of non-food goods and services conducted within state boundaries.

There are a variety of sales tax exemptions in place for specific goods and services sold in the state. Unprepared food and food ingredients are not subject to sales tax, but restaurant meals and other prepared foods are taxed. In examples of exemption, New Jersey sales tax does not apply to clothing, textbooks, gasoline, newspapers, prescription drugs and most over-the-counter drugs, farm supplies, production machinery and equipment and real estate sales.

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New Jersey sales tax rate is 7% on all retail sales. It is spilt 3.5 for muncipality and 3.5 for the state. No sales tax is charged on Gasoline in this state.
Sales tax is 7% nearby lakewood is a uez zone so sales tax is
1. Download Form NJ-Reg from the website of the New Jersey Treasury and fill it out. This form will allow you to register as a New Jersey business. Registration with the state of
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New Jersey Department of Revenue
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