How Much Is Scrap Aluminum Per Pound?


Scrap Aluminium prices vary based on grade and quantity of material. Old mixed aluminium is around 28 pounds cents per lb, Cast Aluminium is around $0.73 pounds per lb.
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The price of scrap aluminum changes on a daily basis. The best way to determine how much you will get paid for a pound of aluminum is check in your local newspaper under metals. You
as of July 3 2009 in the Sacramento area, it is about $1.50/lb for loose aluminum cans CRV.
0.60 cents per pound is the average price of scrap
Seventy cents here. Where you from? Local Results for price aluminum near Frederick - Map All Results. Educational Software Solutions - (301) 662-2662 - 5734 Little Spring Way, Frederick
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The value of aluminum scrap metal (along with any other metal) varies with the stock market. At some point it may be worth 50 cents while at other times it may ...
A pound of scrap aluminum can be worth anywhere from 45 to 70 cents per pound, depending on where its contained. For example, stray pieces of scrap aluminum will ...
How much aluminum is worth per pound in Ohio depends on the grade of the aluminum. As of 2013, a low grade aluminium can be scrapped for around $0.50 cents per ...
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