How Much Is Scrap Aluminum Worth Per Pound?


The value of aluminum scrap metal (along with any other metal) varies with the stock market. At some point it may be worth 50 cents while at other times it may be closer to a dollar. The valued rate of aluminum scrap on December 12, 2011 was .9369 or approximately 94 cents per pound.
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The price will vary by scrap yard. YOU have to call and see what the LOCAL rates are in your area.
It all depends up on the quality and quantity. Starting .45
The current aluminum price is $1.0628 per pound (lb) Prices change over time depending on the strenght of the economy. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at
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The amount that scrap aluminum is worth per pound depends on location. It also depends on the type of aluminum and the condition. It is best to check local recycling facilities for their rates.
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