How much is scrap metal worth?


The worth of scrap metal is determined by several factors including the metal type, the amount of scrap metal and the current market value of the metal. Worth is expressed as the price a buyer is willing to pay for scrap metal; this price fluctuates with market conditions.

The price of scrap metal is determined by the law of supply and demand, as noted by As demand for a given metal increases, the price that buyers are willing to pay increases. The price also increases when the supply of a given metal decreases. Prices decrease when demand decreases or when the supply increases.

Aluminum, brass, copper and iron are popular metals that can be scrapped. Items like copper tubing can be sold for over two dollars per pound, as seen on Rockaway Recycling. There is also a scrap market for rare metals such as nickel and titanium. Prices for rare metals can reach as high as eight dollars or more per pound, according to Rockaway Recycling.

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