How Much Is Silver Worth Per Gram?


Currently the rate of silver (0.925 Puirity) is 0.39 however it should be noted that prices of silver change on a daily basis.
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Silver is $0.56 per gram as of May 20, 2010.
As of August 2006 the price of silver was $11.66 per ounce. It also depends on the purity of the silver. As of today 1 ounce of silver at .999 + purity is about $18.64. This does
There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce. If silver is at US$27.88 per troy ounce, as it is at this moment, then that would be US$0.90 per gram. Sterling silver is only 92.5% pure, which
The Morgan silver dollar features a profile image of Lady Liberty looking to the right on the obverse side. She has long hair and wears a cap. The reverse side shows the image of
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Silver costs around $. 56 per gram, or $16. 09 per ounce. The price may vary according to the day's stock rates, the supplier you purchase from, and the quality of the silver you're getting.
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