How much does special delivery royal mail cost?


Special Delivery is a next day postage and logistics delivery service by Royal Mail. Costs for the same start from 5.45 Pounds. You can use a calculator to estimate exact costs which is located at:
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Special delivery is not a "same day" service, but the next working day and costs around a fiver for the standard, pre-1 o'clock delivery. There is also a pre-9 delivery
There are a number of benefits to using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service. Some of the benefits include next day delivery, online proof of delivery, compensation, Saturday delivery
Royal Mail Special Delivery 9.00am service available, starting at just £11.35 for an item up to 100g. For more details you may contact T: 08457782677.
The Royal Mail has a well organised systen where post from one area are loaded into trolleys depending on which area they're going to. Those trolleys are then loaded onto lorries
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