How much is stamp duty when buying a house?


Stump duty will depend on the purchase price of the house. If your purchase price is more than 125,000 you pay stamp duty land tax of between one and four percent of the whole purchase price.
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Assuming you are Talking in £'s sterling. It must be £1700.00 Stamp. duty is 1% on Values between £125001.00 and £250000.00.
1. Calculate annual gross income. Annual income can be found on pay stubs or on your 1040 tax return. 2. Determine how much you can afford for a down payment. Evaluate savings, retirement
Stamp Duty on transfers of land/buildings: 0% on properties below £150,000. 1% on properties £150,000-£250,000. 3% on £250,000-£500,000. 4% on £
always buyer need to bear the stamp duty for registration. even if the seller pays, he will include that in the price. there is a guide line value fixed by registration dept and even
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