How Much Is Stamp Duty When Buying a House?


Stump duty will depend on the purchase price of the house. If your purchase price is more than 125,000 you pay stamp duty land tax of between one and four percent of the whole purchase price.
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It is a tax that basically covers the cost of having official documents that recognise ownership of certain assets. By having the 'stamp' (no longer a literal stamp) this means your
Its another form of tax. In the UK it is called SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) Up to £150,000 it is free then up to £250000 it is 1% and it gradually goes up the higher value
Assuming you are Talking in £'s sterling. It must be £1700.00 Stamp. duty is 1% on Values between £125001.00 and £250000.00.
I see you are asking about buying a house in a number of states. Will the cost of the items you are asking about determine in which state you will actually decide to live? You need
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