How Much Is Teddy Ruxpin Worth?


As of December 2012, a Teddy Ruxpin bear was worth anywhere between $40 and $100. The popular toy was first released in 1985.
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A Teddy Ruxpin in mint condition, in box, is worth $40 up to $100.
1. Remove the clothes of your Teddy Ruxpin and remove the battery cover found at the back of the bear. There four screws sealing the battery cover (two at the top and another two
Teddy got his name from his creator, Ken Forsse, who originally had named the character Simian Greep. Forsse ended up not liking the Greep name. After deciding to chnage the first
Here are the offerings presently on eBay for this item. Follow those auctions and see what the final sales price is and that should give you a fairly good idea on what you might get
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