How much is the 1979 $1 coin worth?


The 1979 one dollar coin may be worth a few hundred dollars or nothing at all. It will depend on the rarity of the coin, the condition and many other factors. You will need to have a coin dealer to look at it to determine if it's worth anything.
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If it is the Susan B. Anthony Dollar it is only worth face value as they
I'm assuming you are referring to a Susan B Anthony dollar? Those are common, made out of copper and nickel and only worth $1 unless in proof condition.
Not enough information. During the 19th century dollars were struck from 1800 to 1803 and again during most of the years from 1836 to 1899. On top of that there were four separate
Now that depends entirely on the dollar coin. A Sacagawea coin is worth $1. Any coin really that has been minted in the past decade or two is worth $1. Eisenhower dollars will vary
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