How Much Is the Beatles White Album Vinyl Worth?


Since each of the Beatles White album is unique in the manner that each one was numbered, the price of each vinyl depends on that single number, ranging from 7,000 euros for the first 1 to 10 copies to 1,200 for the 11 to 1,000 copies, the vinyls mostly are priced for the number and general condition, on the contrary of they are mono or stereo. This album is the center piece of any Beatles collection.
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On Ebay there are several going for around
Only around $30, but being a Beatles fan myself, I'll buy it off you for $45.
it depends on the condition of it.
It depends on a lot of things - first and foremost, how old it is. In general, the older a record the more valuable with first pressings changing hands for the most money, though
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