How Much Is the First Men on the Moon 5 Dollar Commemorative Coin Worth?


Unfortunately, the commemorative coins are worth around $5.00. The manufacturer minted many of these coins and they can be easily found on websites like eBay.
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If this is a 1993 $5 Elvis commemorative coin from the Marshall Islands, these retail for about $8 in uncirculated condition - but to an avid Elvis collector, it may be worth a little
"Currently Marshall Islands coins are valued at or below their face value when bought and sold in the US coin market. The basis for their currency is the US dollar. This was
None. It is a copper-nickel alloy. The Marshall Islands have issued commemoratives for hundreds of events, none of which have to do with their own history. Most commemorate US figures
coins this coin is worth forty dollers ea i have some myself Realistic Answer Don't kid yourself. There is no precious metal in these coins and you cannot redeem them anywhere for
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The First Man on the Moon commemorative $5 coin minted by the Republic of Marshall Islands is currently sold for around $20. The coins were first issued in 1989. ...
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