How much is the Holiday Barbie collection worth?


The Holiday Barbie collection can be worth several hundred dollars, depending on the condition of the dolls. Dolls that have never been removed from their boxes are worth the most.

The first Holiday Barbie was introduced in 1988. Some dolls, like Holiday Treasures Barbie from 2000, can be worth $100, while Happy Holidays Barbie from 1994 only fetches $35. However, most collectors prize the Holiday Barbies produced before 1992. The 1988 doll, one of the most sought-after, can be sold for between $550 and $750.

Collectors can get a good idea of what their Holiday Barbies will go for by visiting collector websites and watching the bids for their dolls on auction sites like eBay.

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The Barbie doll originated in the 1950s, when Ruth Handler noticed her daughter playing with adult female dolls. Ruth approached Mattel Corp. ad executives about an idea for a new
maybe at a garage sale : Source(s) 12 on december 22.
How much your collectibles are worth depends on what your collectibles are. Various collections are worth different amounts. Remember your collectible is only truly worth what someone
his doll should be worth alot more than it is. Brand new unopened box could go for as much as 120. but opened or no box will only get you around75.
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It depends on the model of your holiday Barbie as to how much it is worth. They were released between 1992 and 2000. These dolls still have a retail value. However ...
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Original MSRP was $29.95. Most of the 1997 Happy Holidays Barbies were brunettes, even the picture on the back of the box is a brunette barbie, the blonde-haired ...
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