How Much Is a 1937 Indian Buffalo Nickel Worth?


The value of the 1937 Buffalo Indian Head nickle is based on which version that you have. If you have the the four legged version, it is not worth as much as the three legged version, which is valued at almost $500. The four-legged is worth between $2-$5.00.
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Gold plated, not gold. A coin with 5 cents worth of gold in it would be so small you'd need tweezers to pick it up. The plating makes it an altered coin with no extra value. Unplated
Unless your 1937 Indian Head Buffalo nickel is one with a
It is worth between $1-$3.
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Does your version of the coin have a buffalo with three legs or a buffalo with four legs? The three legged version is worth approximately $500.00. The four legged ...
Your Buffalo Indian Head Nickel is most likely worth around fifteen cents. The better the condition you can get upwards to a quarter or more. It depends on what ...
Depending on what year the Buffalo nickel (Indian nickel) is, where it was minted and what the condition of the coin is now, will determine the value of it. You ...
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