How much is a 1937 Indian Buffalo nickel worth?


The value of a U.S. 1937 Indian buffalo nickel ranges between $1.75 to $45. There is a very rare error in this coin in which the buffalo has only three legs. This error is worth upwards of $5,000.

A nickel from this year in poor or heavily used condition would be worth about $1.75, but if the coin is in near-mint or perfect condition, the value is as high as $45. The price can go anywhere between these figures, depending on its actual condition. 17,828,000 of these buffalo nickels were produced in 1937. The front features the profile of a Native American male.

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This famous design is called either a buffalo nickel or an Indian head nickel; both names are about equally common. Please see the Related Question for more information.
Without seeing pictures it's very difficult for anyone to give you a good answer. A lot depends on the condition of your coin. 1 - Take your coin to a local coin dealer (trustworthy
Red Book listing is $1. But you would probably only get maybe 20¢ for it.
I’m trying to help a friend determine if an oversized 1937 3 legged buffalo nickel is worth anything. He got the coin from his father “many years ago.” We understand
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