How Much Is the Kohinoor Diamond Worth?


The Kohinoor Diamond is hard to place a value on it because it has never been sold. Some say that it is estimated that it is worth 20 billion dollars.
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The Kohinoor Diamond has never changed hands through a documented sale. Throughout its adventuresome and tempestuous ownership history, it has apparently always been gifted, bartered
the Koh-i-noor diamond is with the royal family of the U.K. hers some of its more recent history **************************************… This disappointment in the appearance
No-one knows. It's first mention in history (or it's possible first mention, this is not universally accepted) was in 1304 when Aladdin defeated and overthrew the Sultan of Malwa
1. Read any information written in the display to ensure the stone you are interested in is a diamond and not another type of stone. Write down any information about the diamond that
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