Most Expensive Shoes?


The most expensive shoes are the Eternal Diamond Stilettoes made entirely from solid gold and encrusted with 2,200 diamonds.They are said to cost £100,000 a pair.
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The most expensive watch ever sold was a 1933 gold Patek Phillipe with 24 complications and was sold for $11 million at Sotherby's in 1999.
I'd suggest Vibram FiveFingers, or Nike Free. I modify the Nike Frees - The Nike Free is not a cheap trainer, but after modification I typically
Designer shoes like Chanel, Versace, Valentino, Roger Vivier,
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The most expensive basketball shoes in the world costs 25 thousand USD. It is the Air Jordan 1 which has his signature. It is priced for its collector value. In ...
walmart shoes 5 bucks ...
I don't know if they're the MOST expensive shoe, but they're definitely in the top 10. It's a pair of Nike sneakers encrusted with chocolate-colored diamonds, ...
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