How much is an old pound note worth?


An old one Pound note would be valued at around ‚¤5. However, its value is bound to change depending with the supply of the notes since they have not been in circulation. You also find the current value of the notes at online stores like eBay.
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You need to know the date but probable a pound.
don't know how much its worth but its from a Spanish bank.In Ireland you bring it to the bank of Ireland in Dame street .Any big bank should help
Individuals and antique organizations have been collecting pieces of paper currency since the very beginnings of its use. In the United States, paper currency was first issued in
Ireland now uses Euros and no longer Pounds (or Punts)
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The old English pound note will still be worth £1 because the initial face value of GBP1 would still be honoured by the Bank of England.
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