How much is the original Nintendo worth?


While it largely depends on the condition of the console and controllers, the original Nintendo NES system sells for $50 to $200 online. Many of these systems are sold in bundles that also include a few original games.

The Nintendo NES is expected to increase in value over time, as more systems become damaged or are otherwise removed from circulation. The Nintendo NES experienced a dramatic reduction in worth in the mid-1990s when newer generation systems were released. The worth of a Nintendo NES, however, has seen a steady increase in worth recently. As of 2014, the average worth is about what it originally cost to purchase the system in 1985 when it debuted in North America. The Nintendo NES was purchased 61.91 million times worldwide, including 34 million times in North America before Nintendo discontinued its production.

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The original n.e.s (packaged) is worth $1,000 to $5,000 (depending on condition) if it has all original packaging it is worth about $10,000. The buyer would have to be a collector.witch
An original model Nintendo DS sells for about $50 or more on eBay. Thanks
I would try selling it for a little bit less than twelve thousand dollars to beat the price of the one that's up there. Be sure that your Nintendo is in the same condition the twelve
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