How much is the playstation 3?


If you are in the market for a PS3, you are going to pay between $300 and $350 for the console. If you want 160GB hard drive, then you'll be paying the $300, but if you want to shell out about $50 more, you can double your hard drive size and get a 320GB console.
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Playstation 3 was invented by the people at Sony. Sony is who manufactures Playstations. The first playstation was invented by Ken Kutaragi and they have improved it from there. Hope
1. Remove the Playstation 3 from its packaging, along with all of the cords and wireless controller. 2. Situate the Playstation 3 next to your television, or in a nearby location,
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A Playstation will cost around $125, depending on if you order the console or if you order the whole entire bundle package. If you buy just the console, it won't ...
A basic Playstation 3 gaming console can be purchased from various retailers for around 300 dollars. Expect to pay a bit more if you get a bundled package that ...
Price: £121.95 At the for the Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline Console (Black) by Sony Platform: PlayStation2 was on September 14 2011 The PS3 was ...
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