How Much Is the Princess Diana Beanie Baby Worth?


The worth of a Princess Diana Beanie Baby, as of 2012, is according to the version of the Princess Diana Beanie it is. The Beanie can be worth from $10 up to $2,000 according to the tags, the location and other characteristics.
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While you will find Princess Diana beanie babies listed on eBay for thousands of dollars, sometimes even a million dollars, you will not find any "completed" auctions where
A Princess Diana Beanie Baby with PE pellets is worth about $1. If
Hi Smokey, The Princess Diana goes for about $1 on ebay all the time. Go on ebay and search for princess diana beanie baby. Then click the 'Completed Listings' box on the left. This
Just check on e-bay. On e-bay, the price can go into the thousands. Actually, the highest price is for the first edition 1997 Princess Diana with PE pellets and it was made in china
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