How Much Is the State Pension in the UK?


The amount of state pension in the UK depends on one's circumstances. For instance, as of 2012, a single man or woman gets £107.45 a week while a married man, woman or civil partner gets £64.40 a week. For more information, visit:
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Each State Pension pays benefits differently, consulting your union, or perhaps the financial professional that signed you up into your TSA will give you the correct figure.
If all your contributions have been made then it is £95.00 per week for a single person.… This might help you, because there are slight differences depending on all your contributions and whether you opt out of the Graduated
1. Review the limitations of the State Pension system. As of November 2009, the maximum payout for a couple is 152.30 pounds per week. That figures to 660 pounds a month-for many,
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As of 2012, the basic state pension for a single person according to the UK rules for a single person is £95.25 and for a couple £152.30 a week. It ...
In the UK, state pension is allocated to singles or couple who had contributed towards insurance while they earn. A standard value of pension for singles is 102 ...
According to the UK government, the state pension for the year of 2011-2012, a single person can get almost up to £102.15 a week though it is not fixed and ...
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