How do I find out how much my coin is worth?


Whether you're a coin enthusiast or just have a few random coins you think look interesting, you may eventually want to find out what they are worth. Here are ways to determine how much a coin is worth.

  1. Examine your coin

    Clean your coin, but don't put any type of solution on it. Write down the year and the wording. Take a picture of the front and back so that people can actually see what it looks like.

  2. Use book resources

    Buy a coin price guide at a book store or coin shop. Make sure you get a guide that focuses on country of origin. Check out coin books that feature color photographs of coins. Make sure you choose the most up-to-date edition to obtain the most accurate value.

  3. Check out online sites

    Visit websites that contain catalogs showing a break down of the coins by quality. Look for websites that are often up-to-date, providing current market information.

  4. Consult with a coin dealer

    Find the value of your coin by consulting with a professional coin dealer or collector. Make sure you get a certified value from the dealer. Consult with another dealer to confirm the estimate.

  5. Post your question on several forums

    Look for coin forums frequented by enthusiasts and experts to get information on your coin. Post your question and description to gather information from various sources.

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