How do I find out how much my coin is worth?


Valuation of a coin is impossible without a sound knowledge of the grading of coins. Coin valuations are an important part of getting an accurate assessment of what your coins are worth. Valuation of a coin depends on; its rarity, condition and current trends.
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Coins are generally unique to their country of origin. A United States penny is not the same as a British or Canadian penny. The coins of different nations come in a variety of denominations
There are many different types of errors that can happen when a coin is struck. Most are very common and add nothing to the value of a coin, but some types of errors can be more valuable
A US dollar is worth 100 cents which these days buys you just about nothing except for maybe one thing from the dollar menu. To compare how much a US dollar is worth relative to other
It depends on how good the coin looks. if its all old looking and gross, its not worth as much as it would be if it was cleaner. Also it depends on the date of the coin. older - more
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If your coin is in good condition and has a good rate of return you might find that it is worth something. Determining the history of the coin and it's market value can be found by consulting a coin value table. You can find more info at:
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A Kennedy half dollar that is in Mint condition and never been in circulation, that has the date 1970-D on it is worth 3-5 Dollars USD. Any other Kennedy coin ...
The price of Roman coins depends on their types. The aureus is the most valued being more than 99% pure gold. The silver coins are the second most valued followed ...
You can find out the value of your coins by visiting websites that have information on coins. You can also take them to the local antique shop and they will help ...
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