How Much Is This Coin Worth?


Valuation of a coin is impossible without a sound knowledge of the grading of coins. Coin valuations are an important part of getting an accurate assessment of what your coins are worth. Valuation of a coin depends on; its rarity, condition and current trends.
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Collectors say something is only as valuable as the amount someone else is willing to pay. Rare coins sold at auction can fetch millions of dollars for a single specimen.
What country? What denomination? If American coins, are there mint marks on any of them (small letters D or S) Please post a new question.
I'm guessing you mean NAPOLEON - ??? (see if you're having spelling difficulties ...) You need to be more specific. What's the coin's denomination? What is its
A 2000 American Eagle Silver Dollar Bullion coin with a "W" or "S" mint mark in MS65 condition is worth: $18; if it carries a mint mark of "P," it is
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If your coin is in good condition and has a good rate of return you might find that it is worth something. Determining the history of the coin and it's market value can be found by consulting a coin value table. You can find more info at:
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The face value of a Sacajawea coin is worth one dollar. Mint and uncirculated coins can sometimes be worth more than just face value. Rare coins and misprint coins ...
How much your coins are worth depends wholly on what year they are from, and what kind of coin they are. An old dime will sometimes be worth more than an old penny ...
If you look up your coin using a coin value table you might be able to determine the worth. The value of a coin can vary greatly depending on the condition, the ...
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