How Much Is Too Many Miles for a Used Car?


A mileage of 155,000 miles or 250,000 kilometers is considered as too many miles for a used car. According to experts, you should look for a car that has a mileage below 80,000 miles of 130,000 kilometers. However, buying a used car that has low mileage does not necessarily mean that it is a good car to buy.  
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The average amount of miles per year on a car is 12,000 miles. Do the math: if the mileage is much over this, that is considered too many, and the car would be worth less. On the
It all depends on what car it is. VW engines are made very well, especially the older models. These engines often run to 150,000 miles plus, if they are regularly maintained and properly
1. Determine the value of the used car based on industry pricing guides. Three of the most popular places for comparing used car prices are, Kelly Blue Book and the National
A car is considered used as soon as it is sold. No
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