How Much Is Topaz Worth?


The value of topaz depends largely on its color, cut, clarity, size, and treatments. It can be purchased in pre-set jewelry or loose. Loose gemstones are generally less expensive.
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The value of topaz depends on color, clarity, and size, as well as things like production and demand, wholesale or retail, cut or rough, so this question is unanswerable.
Treated topaz is less expensive than pinks, violets, apricots, etc. but the pricing includes
Topaz can cost anywhere from $50-$500 per carat, depending on the color, type and clarity.
As far as metallic potassium goes, it's worth about $40.00 per pound. It is sold commercially in small amounts. It is said pure potassium is $100.00 per 100g. You can find more information
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There are important details to consider when determining how much topaz is worth. The clarity and weight of the stone will factor into the cost. The average cost of 1 ct. of a light red topaz stone is $15, as of 2012.
Topaz is worth what collector, jewelers and consumers are willing to pay for them. On average a small low quality topaz would be worth less than twenty dollars. High end topaz, large cuts, are worth tens of thousands of dollars. You can find more info at:
Topaz can be worth different amounts. Low value topaz is worth less than $20 in the United States. High value topaz can be worth around $1000 for a 20 carat stone. The highest value of topaz that is also 20 carats can be worth as much as $17,000 in the Unites States.
The worth of topaz varies depending on color, size, cut, rareness and clarity, so it's hard to give an approximate answer. The most valuable however is an intense natural pink color, large, clear and perfectly cut topaz.
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Topaz's cost depends on the color, clarity, type and size of the topaz. They can cost anywhere from less than 20 up to 1,000 dollars. This is the same for almost ...
In very worn condition, it is worth $20. In moderately worn condition, it is worth $26. In slightly worn condition, it is worth $35. If it has almost no wear, ...
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