How much does Xbox Live cost per month?


The Xbox is a sixth-generation video game console manufactured by Microsoft. You can have Live Gold membership for just ?29.97 for a year and ?12.49 a month.
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well depending where you are from it is: USA: around $10 UK: £4.99 Aus: Unkown
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The price of one month of Xbox Live is $7.99.
Wondering how to set up Xbox Live? Xbox Live service is surprisingly easy to configure, and it provides a whole new dimension of functionality to your video game console. What you
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Xbox Live is $8 a month if you pay monthly. You get a discount if you pay for three months or a full year upfront. The three month option works out to about $6.66 a month and the full year option is $4.17 a month.
A small ten dollar fee is required for those individuals who want Xbox Live for a single month. If you decide you like Xbox Live, it's more cost effective to spend 60 dollars on the year subscription since it equals out to half the monthly price.
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How much xbox 360 live costs per month depends on a couple of factors. The first being how you intend to pay. If you are going to pay month by month it is $9.99 ...
Xbox live costs in the UK are 12 months at £40, 3 months at £15 and 1 month at £5. This price has been increasing over the years as the game ...
Xbox LIVE features two levels of membership, the free Silver and the paid Gold. With a Gold membership you get all of Silver level benefits ...
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