How Much Will It Cost to Put My Dog to Sleep?


It costs an average of £70 to put a dog to sleep. However, the cost may vary between different veterinary doctors in different areas. It also depends on the size of the dog and special cremation arrangements if any. The standard cremation for a medium sized dog usually costs approximately £35.
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My vet charges $85, which includes taking care of the remains. There is another one nearby which charges almost twice that. Check around to find out, most will tell you without a
Factors. A larger dog might be more expensive to neuter than a smaller one due to simple economics. A bigger body requires more sedation medicine as well as more labor to move around
It depends on which vaccinations you are referring to. A simple rabies vaccination (which is all that is required by law in this county) can be obtained for $10 at the low cost spay
my vet does this for $40.and takes care of the body, unless the client prefers to take it home for burial. It is totally painless, as the vet gives a sedative, which makes the dog
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