How Much Jail Time Do You Get If You Dont Pay Child Support?


Depends on how far behind you are on child support. They will start with taking your driver license. Eventually you will end up and jail and if it keeps building, so does your time in jail.
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If you want to stay out of jail the first thing you should do is show up to court on time, the day you of your initial child support hearing. One place doesn't play around is the
Child support is paid to whomever the minor child resides with and is paid by the person who is listed as the father or mother of the minor.
When it reaches the point of criminal contempt. It is normally after a long period of non-payment with no demonstration of a willingness to pay. The custodial parent or child support
1 Reach an agreement with your child(ren)’s other parent. If you and your child’s other parent can agree on a custody and visitation arrangement that does not require
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In most states, a father can be jailed for avoiding to pay child support. You might want to check with a lawyer and see what the laws are in your state. ...
South Carolina is under the law that if a non-custodial parent does not pay child support, they will have to sit in jail, and earn a specific amount each day they ...
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