How Much Klonopin Is Lethal?


Any amount of Klonopin over what the doctor recommends can be lethal. Follow the instructions written on the bottle. If no instructions are listed, call the doctor or pharmacist.
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In some people, taking 1mg can be lethal. In the average, 5 mg can be lethal. Over 20 mg in three days will probably kill her. Source(s)
Unable to locate the exact lethal dose of Klonopin as this goes by your
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Lethal Dose of klonopin is taking more than 20mg a day. Also known as clonazepam, klonopin is a drug having anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and anxiolytic properties ...
About 90 mg of hydrocodone is lethal, or at least causes an overdose. If the dose isn't lethal, it still causes complications, such as liver damage. ...
Yes, Percocet (oxycodone-acetaminophen) is lethal if taken for more than what is recommended. Often, Percocet is prescribed 1-2 tablets every six hours as needed ...
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