How Much Lemon Concentrate Equals One Lemon?


The amount of lemon concentrate that equal one lemon is 1/4 cup. This measurement is for an average sized lemon. You may want to add or remove the lemon concentrate amount to get the desired taste.
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Two Tablespoons equals the juice of one medium lemon.
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Fresh lemons can vary in size, some are sold as baby lemons while others are labeled large. The baby lemons, on average, can produce approximately 2 to 3 Tbsps of lemon juice while a large lemon can make up to almost 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Lemon concentrate also varies in flavor depending on the brand you choose. For pure lemon juice concentrate brands 3 to 4 Tbsps equals one large lemon, but keep in mind the flavor will not be identical to the fresh lemon. It is best to start with half the amount of the concentrate and work your way up in a recipe since various brands will differ in their acidity and flavor.
Well lemons differ in size; but if you take an average size lemon and squeeze the juice out you get about a tablespoon. Therefor a tablespoon of concentrate should equal the juice of one lemon.
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Depending on the size of the lemon you will remove the zest from will determine the measurement it equals. An average size lemon will yield approximately one tablespoon ...
One medium lemon makes about one to one and a half tablespoons of grated lemon peel. The amount will vary depending on how large the lemon is. ...
On average, one lemon has 3 tablespoons of juice. One tablespoon equals three teaspoons, so the average lemon has 9 teaspoons of juice. The amount of juice will ...
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