How Much Marijuana Does It Take to Overdose?


According to the lethal dose study of marijuana, even if there are still no recorded deaths related to marijuana toxicity, the lethal dose for marijuana is said to be 20,000 to 40,000 times than the marijuana content found in the marijuana cigarettes.
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Clinically definde an overdose of marijuana is the effect of feelig high. To bring your self down eat something heavy on your stomach.
Is it extremely difficult to overdose on marijuana. To overdose, it would
Not Medical Advice: It would take 46 pounds of marijuana in order to overdose. In the worst case scenario, one would get terribly sick, vomit, and pass out.
Lol you can't overdose on marijuana. You would have to smoke 40,000 more times As much marijuana As you needed to get stoned. Smoke as much as you want and I promise you'll be safe.
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