How Much Mercury Is in a Thermometer?


The amount of mercury in a thermometer can vary on the size of the thermometer itself. In a large thermometer you can have 3 grams. With the development of the digital thermometer most household no longer use a mercury thermometer. You can find more information here:
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A thermometer used at home for detecting a fever usually contains around 1/2 of a gram of mercury. Under the right conditions, even this small amount can be dangerous.
1. Shake your thermometer like you normally would. Do this to determine whether the issue is actually a mercury separation. If it is, proceed to Step 2. 2. Find a very soft surface.
The typical "fever thermometer" contains between 0.5 to 3 g (3 to 1.7
1. Inspect the thermometer for damage. Do not use it anymore if it is cracked or damaged in any way. It has served its life and needs to be disposed of properly (see Warnings below)
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It is disadvantageous to use a mercury thermometer because if the thermometer breaks, the liquid may spill out. Though the spills are very little, the liquid separate ...
Currently mercury cost around 51 cents per 100grams. You can find the use for mercury in such products like thermometers and electrical switches. ...
A thermometer is typically a glass or plastic tube containing a scale of measurement on the side of it. It also contains a liquid known as mercury. This liquid ...
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