How Much Milk Does a Jersey Cow Give?


The average Jersey Cow produces 22 liters of milk per day. Jersey cattle are a small breed of dairy cattle.
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A Jersey cow is a small breed of cow that was first bred on the English channel island of Jersey. These cows require relatively little maintenance due to their small weight of about 900 to 1,100 pounds, but are known for giving milk that can produce lots of valuable butterfat. Jersey cows are also highly fertile and easy to breed. On average, a Jersey cow produces less milk than other breeds of cows at about 22 liters per day.
Milk production is dependent on adequate warmth, shelter, food, and water. On average Jersey cows produce six to seven gallons of milk per day. Their milk contains high butterfat level of 5.5% and 4% protein.
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A Jersey cow will give milk for 10 months or as long as 2 years.
Jersey cow milk can be put through a separator which takes the heavier cream off the top and leaves the remainder as skim milk. The cream is churned to produce rich, yellow creamy
A number of corrections: Changed $/cwt on Class III milk Go upvote Lucas Sjostrom's answer Dairy cows, depending on breed, produce between 7 and 11 metric tons of milk in their lifetime
The Guernsey is a breed of cattle used in dairy
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