How Much Milk Does a Newborn Calf Need?


A newborn calf should be fed on approximately 4 to 10 litres of milk daily. A newborn calf is given colostrums as the first important feed and normally fed on milk after the third day of birth.
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1. Sanitize any bottles and nipples prior to feeding. Fill the nursing bottles with scalding water and a tablespoon of household bleach. Let this mixture sit in the bottle for a few
A new born calf requires 10% of its body weight of colostrum within 12 hours of being born.
1. Clean the nose and mouth of the calf to get it breathing. Ad. 2. Lift one of the back legs up enough so you can see in between the legs. If there's only four little teats in between
The average weight of a newborn calf is from 75 to 100 lbs. Clean the
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