How Much Money Can I Get for a Used PS2?


The amount of money that someone can get for a used PS2 can vary because of a few different reasons. The quality of the machine is the number one thing that will help determine the amount of money a person can get from a used PS2. The other thing that will factor how much money a person gets from a used PS2 is where they sell it at. If it is sold through a place like GameStop, they might only get $25. This is because GameStop sells them around $40 tot $50 for a used machine.
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1. Turn off your PlayStation 2. 2. Connect the metal USB plug on the end of the long, thin cable attached to the PS2 headset to either of the USB inputs on the rear of the console
Maybe 50-70 dollars for both if complete and in excellent condition. well a ps2 is worth about 50-60 dollars (retail maybe if reconditioned not on Ebay only $20-25 without games and
The cost of a used PS2 is approximately 31 - 37 pounds depending on which store or where you purchase it from. It might also be cheaper, or more expensive, depending on whether it's
All of that money taken out of your account goes to many things. It goes to the social security benefits, health care benefits, and to make the streets safer.
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A used PS2 will only sell for around $25. If you buy it from a game store, it will likely cost you around $75. They are fairly cheap now, because there are so ...
How much money Gamestop will give you for two PS2s will depend on the condition of them. They usually don't give you what the item is worth because they have to ...
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