How Much Money Can You Make without Filing Taxes?


The amount of money you can make without filing taxes depends on a number of things. This includes age, filing status and amount of income. For example, if you are older than 65, single and make more than $10,740 you would have to file taxes.
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A single taxpayer under the age of 65 must file a tax return if his gross income surpasses $9,350. A single taxpayer who is older than 65 must file an income tax return if his income
How much money do you have to make to file taxes? Not everyone makes enough to file. The IRS has outlined several circumstances in which someone doesn't have to file a tax return,
You should be able to get a good-sized income tax refund. To your specific questions: Assuming that "high paying" means you earned over $5,800, you must file your own return
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How Much Money Can You Make in a Year Without Filing Taxes?
Filling out and filing income tax paperwork is cumbersome, especially if it isn't necessary. Depending on their age, gross income and filing status, some individuals might not have to file taxes.... More »
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