How Much Money Do Airplane Mechanics Make?


According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics Airplane mechanics earn about 19.79 British pounds per hour and 173387 British pounds per year. Aircraft mechanics help in maintaining and repairing Airplanes and helicopters as laid down by the Federal Aviation Standards.
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An aircraft mechanic typically earns an hourly wage ranging from $15 as an entry-level mechanic to $36 an hour as a senior mechanic for a major airline. Mechanics that work on jet
Working on small single and twin engine planes $10-20hr. Business class jets and turbo props 40-50Kyr. Large transport catagory-Airbus, Boeing-45-80Kyr.
That position is referred to as an Aviation Mechanic.
It's the same license. In the USA, a fully qualified A&P Mechanic can work on all types of aircraft, including fixed wing and rotary wing vehicles. A mechanic may have additional
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