How much money do hairdressers make a year?


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the mean hourly wage for hairdressers in 2012 was $12.88, making the mean yearly wage $26,790. According to the U.S. News and World Report, hairdressers made about $10.91 per hour, or $22,700 a year, in 2012. These mean averages indicate that 50 percent of hairdressers made less than this amount, while 50 percent made more.

Many hairdressers are self-employed and some work part-time. The best-paid hairdressers tend to make about $42,000 per year, while the lowest-paid hairdressers make about $17,000. Hairdressers in Brockton, Mass., and Seattle, Wash., earned more than $37,000 in 2012, making them among the top-paid hairdressers by city. New York, California and Texas hairdressers made the most money out of all the states, averaging over $26,000 each. Those in the entertainment industry, particularly in motion picture and video industries, along with performing arts companies, earned between $56,000 and $65,000, making them the highest paid overall. Higher paid hairdressers worked in other professional services as well, such as death care services and health and personal care stores.

An important factor that affects how much a hairdresser makes is tips. These tips mean that hairdressers' incomes vary widely not only by location but also by the hairdressers' abilities.

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Hairdressers earned an average salary of $26,510 as of May 2010, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the 10th percentile, salaries started at less than $16,350 a year, while
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The lowest paid 10 percent of hair dressers received salaries around $15,530,
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Salary Profile for Hairdressers
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $36,000 $48,000 $26,000
National $27,000 $37,000 $20,000
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