How Much Money Do Lacrosse Players Make?


Lacrosse is a sport played by tossing a rubber ball between sticks with nets. Professional lacrosse players make around $20,000 a year.
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How Much Money Do Lacrosse Players Make?
Major League Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse League are the two professional leagues in the United States. Pro lacrosse players are mostly playing for the love of the game and are paid small salaries.... More »
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The best players in the professional lacrosse leagues rarely make more than $20,000 per season, usually bringing in closer to $18,000. Players who aren't considered stars make between
In mens lacrosse, there are 10 players from each team on the field at one time. When women play, there are customarily 12 players from each team.
There can be no more than 10 players on the field when the mens lacrosse team is playing, and no more than 12 players on the field when the womens teams are playing.
MLL Salary In Major League Lacrosse, players make an average of $13,000 a season, while rookies average around $6,500
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Professional lacrosse players get paid depending upon the number of years in the league. The average pay is $20,000 dollars for the year. ...
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