How Much Money do Pawn Shops Pay?


How much a pawn shop will pay you would depend on what you are pawning, if you are selling or pawning the item and the market worth of the item. Of course a pawn shop needs to make a profit so you will never get full price for an item.
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A pawn shop doe snot pay nearly what you paid for the jewelry. All pawn shops pay out different percentages, but it is around half of the store price.
Pawn shops give the most money for jewelry, musical instruments, tools or
Pawn shops will lend money on any valuable item that's easy to store and not likely to lose value in the short term. Typical pawned items include gold and silver jewelry, acoustic
You get less than half of the value. If your pawning a video game you will only get about 5 dollars, if its a DVD player 10 dollars,a new movie 5 dollars even if its a new release
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