How Much Money Do People Get to Appear on the Judge Judy Show?


It's stated that each person appearing would get just $100 plus transportation, hotel and maybe a meal. The production company pays any moneys awarded to the winner.
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Umm i think its taped in LA. Soooooooooo..... .
You get $100 plus $35 dollars per day. Participants also
According to Wikipedia, the structural underpinning of Judge Judy's program is binding arbitration. The parties agree in advance that they will submit their dispute to her and abide
Yes it's true, the show pays the judgement. In fact, both parties are paid an "appearance fee" So really no one has anything to lose by going on the show. except maybe their
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Judge Judy makes millions per year. It is estimated that Judge Judy makes $865,385 each episode. Judge Judy appears on a reality court show series and her full ...
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