How Much Money Do Pet Groomers Make?


A person starting out as a dog groomer may earn around £11,000 a year. An experienced dog groomer may earn £16,000 or more. Very experienced dog groomers, supervisors or managers of grooming businesses may earn around £20,000 or more.
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According to Salary Wizard, the middle 50 percent of all animal groomers and bathers make between $24,693 and $37,729 as of January 2011. The bottom 10 percent of groomers make less
1. Decide on the types of soaps and shampoos for dogs or cats that you'll use for your grooming business. If you want a different angle that sets you apart, perhaps consider: Using
The average pet groomer makes between 25 and 40 thousand dollars a year.
Well it depends on what pet you are grooming.
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How Much Money Do Pet Groomers Make?
Pet groomers are trained caretakers that keep multiple types of animals clean and hygienic to improve their comfort and health. A career in pet grooming requires a desire to work around animals and an understanding of how to relate to them, as well as... More »
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Pet groomers generally make between $8 and $17.50 per hour. Those who own private shops have the potential of making more money than those who work for larger retailers. You can find more information here:
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For dog grooming jobs, the amount one makes depends on the grooming job. In the veterinary care industry, the pay is $20,765 - $35, 916, in the pet store it is ...
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