How Much Money do Teenagers Spend on Fashion?


How much money do teenagers spend on fashion depends on what type of fashion they prefer. It also depends on where they shop, where they live and their personal preferences. The average teenager spends approximately $103 per week. You can find more information here:
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Go through your closet and put all of the clothes that don't fit or you can't stand to look at in a box, trash bag, or laundry basket to give to a friend, goodwill, or someone you
The main things I (a teenager) spend my money on are- Clothes/shoes. Food/snacks. Movies/entertainment. And occasionally gifts and such for special occasions, and that's about it!
Shopping for teenagers can be a challenge. The amount of money
It makes them spend all their money on clothes and assesories, even when they'll only wear it once or not at all before it goes out of fashion, and also when that money is meant to
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The amount of money that teenagers spend on fashion depends on what retail stores they choose to shop at. Most teenagers prefer Old Navy, Aeropostale and The Gap clothing stores.
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According to the organisation Teenage Research Unlimited in Northbrook, Illinois, the average teenager spends about £53 ($85) per week, which means the current ...
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How much money teens spend on clothes yearly can vary greatly. In 2004 it was estimate that teens spent $5,356 a year on clothes. However, factors like where they ...
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