How Much Money Do Trauma Nurses Make?


A December 2011 report stated that trauma nurses got an average annual salary of 42,200 pounds. Trauma nurses with additional experience and academic qualifications got an average salary of 47,700 pounds annually. Trauma nurses have been known to do exceptional work not only in the ER but also in battlefield triage as well as in medical evacuation and transport.
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you would have to ask a real nurse and talk to he/she about it.
1. Get a nursing degree. You can get a two-year nursing degree from a community college and get the registered nurse (RN) credential, or you can get a four-year nursing degree from
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A trauma nurse needs be a registered nurse. They can also get a
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The salary of trauma nurses varies from different countries for instance in the US the annual salary for a trauma nurse is $60,000 that means if you divided that by 12 months it would generate $5000 per month.
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