How Much Money do You Get for Donating a Testicle?


Donating testicles is a health myth and has not been found to be true. However, if you are a healthy man, within the required age limit, you can donate your semen for a reasonable price. You can find more information here:
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Donating something means you give it up for nothing as donating is charity. So if you decided to donate a testicle you would get a thank you card from the recipient but absolutely no money at all.
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First let me say then when you donate your testicle there is no compensation it is strictly for medical purposes and a donation would of course indicate there is no financial gain
if you donate it to me ill give you $5
There are people and companies willing to pay $70G to $85G for the donation of a
1. Find plasma centers in your area by checking the phone book. Some blood centers also take plasma, so you may want to give them a call as well. Most areas in the country have places
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You would make zero money for selling your testicle as it is illegal to sell your body parts. You can donate one but you won't get a dime for it. We just don't ...
No you cannot donate a testicle for money, that would be considered selling a body part which is illegal. You are able to donate sperm to a sperm bank since that ...
In the United States and many other countries it is illegal to sell an body organ. However, you can donate or sell sperm for as little as $20 or as much as several ...
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