How Much Money Do You Get for Turning in an Old Wii to Gamestop?


Gamestop usually will pay a percentage of the original price for a game system. Generally around 30%, so that would be a little under $60.00. You should call and check with your local store.
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The console itself is about $75 but with extra controllers and games about $120 if you have a Xbox or ps3 it would be a good idea to sell them for more things for your Xbox or ps3
Gamestop has no concrete numbers for item trades of consoles or
Okay, believe me, you will not get 150 for that. At most you will get about 50 or 60. I have been there before. Game Stop rips you off. You better just sell them on Ebay. That way
Since the retail value of the wii has gone down recently, the Wii Console should sell for around 80$ or more. No less than 20$ for Legend of Zelda TP, same for Smash Bros. 5-10$ for
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