How Much Money Do You Get If You Hit on 3 Powerball Numbers?


If you have a Powerball ticket and get three of the numbers correct, you'll win $7. If you get three numbers correct plus the red powerball, you'll win $100.
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If you have 3 numbers on Powerball you will win $7. If you have 3
Powerball numbers for 9-3-2011 are. 15 - 25 -52 - 53 - 54. The Powerball is. 2. and the powerplay multiplier is. 5.
Payout for 3 correct numbers in. Powerball. is $7. Other payouts include: 4 numbers: $100. 5 numbers: $200,000. Powerball +1 number: $4. Powerball + 2 numbers: $7. Powerball +3 numbers
If you hit the Powerball and match all numbers you will win $475 million. Below is a breakdown of the secondary prizes with and without Powerplay: 2 Prize (5 balls) - US$ 1,000,000.00
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