How Much Money Do You Give a College Graduate?


How much money you give a college graduate should be based on your relationship to the graduate. The average cash gift for college graduation is $50 and as high as $250 for grandparents and close aunts or uncles. Families with children or others in a pinch generally choose to purchase a gift for $10 - $25 to show their support without breaking their tight budget. Parents are not expected to give a cash gift, but usually leave a card and a personalized gift to show their pride.
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How Much Cash Do You Give for a Graduation Gift?
Giving cash as a graduation gift is increasingly popular. Graduates can spend the money as they choose, and money is always appreciated. Deciding how much to give can be difficult.... More »
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It really depends on how much you love the person in question as to how much money you should spend on a college graduation gift. Anywhere between $100 and $1000 ...
Cleveland Metro News reports that most people feel that it is appropriate to give between $50 and $100 to a high school or college graduate as a gift. Of the 1,200 ...
A cash gift of $50 is fine as a graduation gift. However, it will depend on if the person is a relative or a friend. Those who send cash as a gift usually send ...
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