How Much Money Do You Give a College Graduate?


How much money you give a college graduate should be based on your relationship to the graduate. The average cash gift for college graduation is $50 and as high as $250 for grandparents and close aunts or uncles. Families with children or others in a pinch generally choose to purchase a gift for $10 - $25 to show their support without breaking their tight budget. Parents are not expected to give a cash gift, but usually leave a card and a personalized gift to show their pride.
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A cash gift can help new graduates begin their new lives. Your gift should be in proportion to your relationship with the graduate. Give more if you know the graduate well, and less
Well, it's obvious she is starting a new chapter in life. You might want to give her money because-SHE MADE IT! give her maybe, 1,000 dollars? I gave my daughter 3,000, but that's
That would depend on the career path you have chosen.
1. Give them something to remember college. They've just spent years working hard for their degree and they're proud to show it off; a degree frame from the campus bookstore is always
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How Much Cash Do You Give for a Graduation Gift?
Giving cash as a graduation gift is increasingly popular. Graduates can spend the money as they choose, and money is always appreciated. Deciding how much to give can be difficult.... More »
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A cash gift of $50 is fine as a graduation gift. However, it will depend on if the person is a relative or a friend. Those who send cash as a gift usually send ...
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